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BHJ UK Food specialises in the procurement of meat and poultry products for human consumption and further processing. We are a subsidiary of the Danish group BHJ A/S and offer a full service concept from slaughterhouse to end user.

Global knowledge. Local service

At BHJ UK Food we take pride in being the preferred partner for our customers and suppliers.

Our team can resolve any issues. We have highly trained people in various positions to assist in all your requirements. From sales, shipping, quality and accounts, BHJ are your preferred partner within the meat industry.

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BHJ’s Technical / Quality Department is here to ensure that the service the organisation provides is fit for purpose. That it is consistent and meets both external and internal requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations. BHJ’s Technical Manager coordinates the activities required to meet these quality standards and monitors the performance of the quality management system.

The Technical / Quality Department liaise with other managers and staff throughout the organisation to ensure that the quality management system is functioning properly and - where appropriate - advises on changes and how to implement them. The department also provides training, tools and techniques to enable others to achieve quality standards.

Here is the team:

Greg Stepien 
Tel: +44 (0) 7526 173481 
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Chantelle Toft 
Tel: +44 (0) 1482 385293 
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BRC certified

We have been awarded certification of the BRC Standard for Agents and Broker’s. The accreditation is a natural consequence of our efforts to pursue quality. We want to be in the forefront when it comes to managing the safety, quality, legality and traceability of food products. With the BRC Standard we have the proof that we are in control of our products and processes and continue to be your preferred partner in the meat industry.

Red Tractor

We also hold the Red Tractor License Certificate:


Improving your value chain


BHJ's Logistics department can provide a flexible and reliable solution to your transport needs. Whether it be one pallet within the UK or a full container to the Far East we will be able to organise this through our database of regularly used and approved hauliers to gain the best and most cost effective solution for you.

With many deliveries being time and temperature sensitive we strive to ensure that all requirements are met. And with the ever changing environment of the food industry we are always ready to source transport at short notice for those last minute orders.

Here is the team:

Mark Strangeway
Tel: 01482 385292
Mobile : +44 (0) 7815 954900
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Chantelle Toft 
Tel: +44 (0) 1482 385293 
Press here to e-mail Chantelle.

Mark Strangeway
+44 (0) 7815 954900
Chantelle Toft
+44 (0) 1482 385293
Amanda Griffin
+44 (0) 7928 857008



Our parent company, BHJ has a long history as an international supplier of meat and fish raw materials for the food, pet food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. BHJ is headquartered in Denmark and is a subsidiary of The Lauridsen Group, Inc., LGI, a US company. We have processing facilities and offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa where we employ a total of more than 650 employees.

Over 40 years of adding value to the meat industry
BHJ was founded in 1969 with the primary objective of collecting and processing by-products from Danish slaughterhouses for pet food and pharmaceuticals. During the 1970s, BHJ expanded into meat trading activities, manufacturing of functional animal proteins for food, processing lines for the meat processing industry, and transport services. Internationalization set in during the 1980s with the establishment of subsidiaries and an international network of distributors.

At the end of the 1990s, BHJ decided to focus on the core business areas, and non-core activities were divested. BHJ was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange in 1998 and de-listed in 2004, when The Lauridsen Group, Inc., LGI, acquired the company. Until the end of 2014 BHJ was a company with two successful business areas: Ingredients focusing on functional proteins and stock ingredients, and Meat and by-products focusing on distribution and processing of raw materials for the food and pet food industries.

Today however, BHJ's Ingredients business has been merged with Proliant – another Lauridsen company – into a new worldwide brand – Essentia. Consequently, BHJ’s core business today is meat and fish products for the Food and Pet Food industry.

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BHJ is owned by The Lauridsen Group, Inc. (LGI) - a privately owned company with head offices in Ankeny, Iowa, USA. Nix Lauridsen, the founder of LGI, is today the majority shareholder and chairman of the company. Besides BHJ, LGI is the parent company of 5 other business units:

A market leading global company that offers a wide range of protein solutions to enhance both the products and the bottom line of international brands within the meat – and savoury industry as well as the sports nutrition industry. Visit website.

Proliant is a world leading provider of Fraction Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) in a variety of grades. The high-purity plasma fractions are made available to diagnostic, biopharmaceutical and research customers worldwide. Visit website.

Manufactures cost effective dairy solids with extreme focus on customer service support and stringent quality control standards. The company manufactures such products as whey permeate and liquid whey protein concentrate and permeate. Visit website.

Manufactures and markets animal feed with high nutritional and health value. APC is the world's largest producer of functional proteins. From high-quality ingredients for livestock producers, feed manufacturers and pet food companies to complete animal nutrition products for end users, the company offers innovative solutions that help improve the lives of animals. Visit website.

Manufactures and markets processed poultry by-products, including feather meal, poultry by-product meal, blood meal and pure poultry fat. By rendering these by-products into finished commodity products, the company is able to service the pet food and animal feed industries with high-quality protein and the fertilizer industry with organic, high-nitrogen fertilizer. Visit website.

The focus of Entera Health is to advance human health and well-being through the use of animal protein components. EnteraGam is a bovine protein isolate that has the potential to help patients dealing with a variety of issues to ingest, digest, absorb or metabolize ordinary foodstuffs or certain nutrients. Visit website.




Our mission is to create value within the meat and fish industry by focusing on our core business and people.


It is our vision to be the preferred partner within our core business areas by striving for value and quality in everything we do.


Values come from within and reflect what we stand for. Employees everywhere in the BHJ group act out special values every single day. The set of values acts as a guide in the everyday life, is the basis of big and small decisions and makes up our common platform.

The key words for BHJ are results, knowledge, people, relations and the future. Our five principal values are: creating – knowing – living – building – shaping.

CREATING – a drive for creating results

KNOWING – a focus on – and knowing – specialist details

LIVING – an informal way of living side by side

BUILDING – an ability of building relations

SHAPING – a dynamic strength to act - shaping the future


Corporate Social Responsibility

BHJ UK Food has a set of values that reflects our attitude and behavior towards the society in general, and it affects our everyday life. We build our business on close and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers.

Respect for individuals plays an important role in our basic values and we find it natural to act in a proper and ethical manner. Furthermore, all our companies operate in accordance with the laws and regulations wherever we do business. We maintain accurate books and records demonstrating compliance with such laws and regulations.

At BHJ, we support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, and are against discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, age or political affiliation.

We comply with applicable laws and industry standards on remuneration and working hours, and we aim at creating a physically and mentally strong working environment with true respect for one another. We comply with applicable laws pertaining to health and safety in the workplace.

We recognize that the involvement of our employees contribute to the future success of the business, and are continuously developing employee competences to comply with job requirements. In case of long-term illness, we are in a close dialogue with the employee to retain her/him in the job, and we aim to support employees in case of personal crises.

As far as the environment is concerned we conduct our daily business in a responsible manner and show optimum consideration for the environment when planning new activities.

Should you wish to learn more about our CSR politics, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 



At BHJ UK Food we believe in common sense and long-term perspective. Sustainability to us, is all about safeguarding our natural resources and utilizing these in the best possible way while avoiding waste.

Although avoiding waste has not been at the top of the list for many years as far as commercial development is concerned, this is actually the very business foundation for BHJ. We utilize the by-products that would otherwise go to waste and we continually strive to add value to these by-products.

The fact that we simultaneously do this with focus on efficient production processes, reduction in energy consumption and C02 emissions and with quality and food safety at the centre, means that we are able to run an efficient and profitable business on this basis. Our day-to-day focus on sustainability can be expressed in four principles:

Taking good care of the environment
We invest in energy efficiency to make sure that our facilities produce more with less energy and to minimize CO2 emissions and waste. We work closely with our key suppliers to ensure that all our raw materials comply with relevant regulations and treaties. All disposals are handled according to the strict local regulations.

Developing high quality products
All products are manufactured and developed according to recognized standards within quality and food safety. Our products are manufactured and distributed efficiently, and we work with our customers to optimize their processes to increase yield, using fewer resources.

Providing the best working conditions for our employees
The employees are the most important resource in BHJ. To maintain and develop the necessary skills, we invest in employee training. BHJ is a safe place to work as we invest in workplace improvements to create safe and healthy working conditions for our employees.

Using profitability to create long-term sustainable business
BHJ is a profitable business, and we re-invest our surplus in developing new future opportunities in accordance with our values and business ethics.



BHJ is a great place to work - a company with a global scope, but with a solid local soul. We employ 650 people worldwide, and are a truly international place to work. We interact with colleagues placed across the globe on a daily basis. When we develop our business it is with great respect for the individual entities, and the local culture and way of life. So no matter where you join a BHJ facility, you will feel the local soul that we encourage to keep.

We expect you to be your own driver

With our historical roots and headquarters being located in Denmark, much of the BHJ business culture has a clear touch of informality, but is a very result-oriented style with a great belief in the motivation behind individual responsibility. Therefore, working for BHJ means a lot of individual room to play. We place a great deal of trust in our employees, and expect our people to be self-driven, action-oriented, and to interact with the colleagues in a respectful and positive way.

Lifetime experience – for some a lifelong journey

If you join BHJ, we guarantee that you will get a lifetime experience. With the right attitude, there is nothing stopping you from developing international experience, working abroad, or changing areas of responsibility across various businesses and markets. With the many opportunities within our company, it is up to you to make the most of it, and take on challenges that will make you grow and gain the adequate experience.

We take good care of our employees, and are serious about our social responsibility towards both community and people. At BHJ we respect that there is a family side to most people, and we encourage our employees to respect a good work-life balance. For some, this develops into a lifelong journey. 

So we believe there is good reason behind the BHJ saying: Once our employees get here, they tend to stay.

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Where to find us


BHJ UK Food is located in Hull, England. The address is:

30 Neptune Street
Hull, East Yorkshire, England

Click to find us on a map - as well as the other BHJ locations worldwide.